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February 10, 2010

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MTS Extends Aerodynamic Testing Expertise to Simulate Aircraft Ground Effects

Eden Prairie, Minn. – February 10, 2010 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today announced a contract to provide the world’s largest high-speed, stainless steel, single-belt Moving Ground Plane System to DNW—German-Dutch Wind Tunnels ( The system will be used to simulate aircraft ground effects including take-off and landing at DNW’s wind tunnel facility located in Marknesse, the Netherlands.

“MTS’ expertise in aerodynamic testing and their endless stainless steel single-belt technology made them a clear choice to partner with us for the upgrade of our moving ground plane capabilities,” said Georg Eitelberg, Director, DNW. “MTS’ moving ground plane system allows us to simulate higher speeds with greater precision to provide our customers with unparalleled simulation quality.”

DNW currently provides moving ground plane testing for high-fidelity simulation of aircraft flow fields when operating close to the ground. The new MTS Moving Ground Plane System will expand this capability to provide testing at speeds up to 80 meters per second while maintaining a perfectly flat surface under the influence of aircraft models and simulated propulsion system pressure fields.

“Our ability to precisely simulate aerodynamic conditions underneath a model scale aircraft used in wind tunnels combined with our aerodynamic testing expertise put us in an ideal position to furnish wind tunnel testing systems to progressive aerospace companies,” said Jeff Nelson, MTS Market Manager. “We are confident our Moving Ground Plane System will increase the quality of data that DNW will collect from within their existing wind tunnel.”

This new endless stainless steel single-belt system uses technologies derived from MTS aerodynamic testing systems found in many wind tunnels around the world. This particular system will be the largest high-speed stainless steel moving ground plane in the world at 6 meters in width and 7.5 meters in length, providing high-fidelity aircraft ground effects simulation with scale models at increased speeds.

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