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May 6, 2008

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MTS Provides Advanced Vehicle Cornering Simulator to Toyota Racing Development

NASCAR Racing Applications Benefit From Accurate Cornering Data

Eden Prairie, Minn.
May 6, 2008 MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today announced the enhanced ability of the MTS Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) Test System to simulate real-world cornering events. In its new Chassis Engineering Building in Salisbury, North Carolina, Toyota Racing Development will use the MTS K&C System to quickly measure key suspension parameters, and most importantly, to simulate cornering events.

“MTS’ extensive experience in force and motion measurement and their particular expertise in motorsports applications led us to work with them on this project,” said Pete Spence, Group Vice President, Technical Director of Toyota Racing Development. “Precisely understanding the dynamics involved in corner entry, mid-corner and corner exit will help our engineers develop setups to improve overall on-track performance. We see TRD and Toyota teams benefiting from this greater knowledge using the Vehicle Cornering Simulator in conjunction with the MTS Eight-Post Simulator.”

The typical K&C measurement process decomposes the car response to isolated inputs. By contrast, cornering simulation obtains whole car response to simultaneously applied force inputs. MTS is able to acquire this data by including the vehicle in the machine control loop while the machine imposes user-defined lateral acceleration, longitudinal acceleration and downforce. Using this combination of inputs allows measurement of wheel position response to all relevant force and motion inputs resulting in a more accurate determination of performance.

“Passenger vehicle manufacturers use our K&C system to measure cornering events as well, but the application of this technology to the racing market presents additional challenges because race cars regularly operate near critical performance limits – often well beyond the linear operating range. The cornering simulator applies vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces independently at each wheel to properly load the suspension components thereby providing insights beyond those gained from the shaker rigs that are common in racing today. Simulating braking and steering input further enhances the ability to optimize setup for a particular track,” stated Jake Rawn, Motorsports Marketing Manager, MTS Systems Corporation.

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