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April 15, 2008

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MTS Announces AeroPro 6.0 Software for Aerospace Structural Testing

New release delivers host of advanced test-accelerating innovations

Eden Prairie, Minn. – April 15, 2008 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today announced the release of Aeropro™ 6.0 software, the latest version of its proven control and data acquisition software for aerospace structural testing. AeroPro 6.0 features a host of advanced test-acceleration utilities, new FlexTest® controller compatibility, expanded data acquisition capabilities and an array of tools to streamline the setup and operation of even the most complex structural testing program.

“Our customers are being pushed to bring high-performance products to the marketplace sooner. They are working to perform faster, more complex cyclic and static tests, often with fewer test articles,” said Dr. Christoph Leser, MTS aerospace product manager. “New AeroPro 6.0 software will enable them to streamline and accelerate these testing programs without compromising accuracy or the safety of valuable test articles.”

Test-Accelerating Control Loop Optimization – Dubbed the “Speed Release” by MTS developers, version 6.0 features a powerful new arsenal of test accelerating optimization tools. These include new C3 Performance and Profile Segment Optimization (PSO).

§ Developed through close collaboration with NRC Canada, C3 Performance is a new cross-coupling compensation utility that can dramatically accelerate complex structural tests and improve accuracy without introducing additional strains on test articles.

§ Profile Segment Optimization (PSO) optimizes flight - or profile - segment times to ensure the fastest possible test execution. This is accomplished by monitoring errors between command and feedback during transitions and adjusting transition times as needed to improve the next play out of the same profile.

§ Version 6.0 also features powerful Calculations in the Loop functionality, which enables advanced users to introduce sophisticated calculations into the control loop and run them at the system update rate, dramatically expanding their ability to address the most complex structural test scenarios.

“AeroPro software remains the premiere aerospace structural test management tool,” said Arlin Nelson, MTS aerospace systems engineer. “It provides all the tools our customers need to streamline and accelerate the acquisition of high quality test data, ensure the safety of test articles, adapt quickly to changing demands and enhance overall lab productivity.”

Tightly-Integrated Control & Data Acquisition (DAC) – AeroPro 6.0 software is the only solution capable of integrating the operation and analysis of up to 360 control channels and 10,000 data acquisition channels into a single, unified interface, eliminating the need to support separate software applications for each testing task.

Expanded Controller Compatibility – AeroPro 6.0 software runs on several models of the new FlexTest controller family. The FlexTest family is based on a modular architecture that features uniquely field-upgradeable processors, allowing users to meet future test requirements and easily accommodate lab expansions and updates. AeroPro 6.0 software also continues to support Aero ST, FlexTest GT and legacy Aero-90 control systems.

Extensive Data Acquisition Functionality – AeroPro 6.0 software supports an array of leading data acquisition hardware, such as HBM and VXI Technology, and also offers a Digital Data Interface (DDI) for integrating digital input from vehicle bus or onboard monitoring sources directly into the data acquisition stream.

Streamlined Test Setup & Data Sharing – AeroPro 6.0 software facilitates streamlined test setup and execution. A variety of wizards enable test engineers to easily import existing test profiles, load conditions, calculated channel configurations and historical calibration information. A database of constants greatly simplifies the development, inputting and editing of advanced equations, and custom waveform generation capabilities allow users to refine tests to meet the most exacting requirements. Test results gleaned with AeroPro 6.0 software can be easily exported into spreadsheets, tab delimited files or XML.

MTS will demonstrate the full capabilities of new AeroPro 6.0 software at Stand D131 during Aerospace ‘08 in Munich, Germany, April 15-17. Dr. Christoph Leser will present a technical seminar on AeroPro software’s new C3 Performance utility on Day 1 of Aerospace ’08 (15 April) in Auditorium 2. His presentation is titled, Employing cross-coupling compensation to optimise aerospace structural testing. More information on AeroPro6.0 software can be found on the worldwide web at

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