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FEBRUARY 8, 2008

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MTS Introduces MTS Landmark Servohydraulic Test System

New high-performance platform sets global standard for configurability, ergonomics, and ease-of-maintenance

Eden Prairie, Minn. – February 8, 2008 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today introduced the MTS Landmark™ Servohydraulic Test System, a major milestone in the long history of MTS material testing leadership. Marking the optimization of the world’s most widely deployed servohydraulic testing technology, the MTS Landmark System delivers the accuracy, repeatability and flexibility needed to meet a full spectrum of static and dynamic material test requirements across a wide range of industries – now and well into the future.

“The introduction of the MTS Landmark System is the culmination of more than four decades of MTS expertise and innovation,” said Laura Hamilton, MTS president and CEO. “Guided by years of in-depth research into the needs of our global customer base, we embarked on a world-class industrial design program to create the optimum servohydraulic test system. The result is the MTS Landmark System – the safest, most efficient and highest performing material testing environment to date.”

New MTS Landmark Systems are currently available worldwide in three floor-standing models with force capacities ranging up to 500 kN. Capable of performing highly accurate and repeatable durability, fatigue crack growth, high and low cycle fatigue, and fracture toughness testing, these models are well-suited for studying small components and a wide variety of materials such as aluminum, composites, steel, super alloys and more.

“The MTS Landmark System is MTS’ new flagship servohydraulic testing platform,” said Scott Jiran, MTS Landmark product manager. “It integrates all the high performance attributes that MTS test systems are renowned for into a new highly stiff, ergonomic and easy-to-maintain load frame. We’re certain that the vast majority of our customers’ material testing needs can be addressed quickly with a standard configuration of this single, flexible platform.”

• MTS Performance
Test engineers worldwide rely on MTS testing solutions to achieve unmatched accuracy and flexibility across a full range of static and dynamic testing applications. The MTS Landmark System is a continuation of this legacy of excellence, combining the latest in MTS servohydraulic load frame technology, versatile FlexTest® controls, industry-leading MTS software and unparalleled global support.

• Innovative Cylinder-Centric Design
The MTS Landmark System embraces a new approach to load frame design that enhances system reliability and ease-of-maintenance, while delivering the accuracy, repeatability and flexibility that have come to define MTS Performance. The Cylinder-Centric Design approach minimizes the required number of joints, resulting in a frame that exhibits superior stiffness and consistently tight alignment. With innovations such as an Integrated Actuator Beam, piloted end-caps and direct actuator porting, this design results in more efficient operation and minimal down-time over the life of the test system.

• Leading-Edge Ergonomics
The MTS Landmark System features a user-friendly testing environment that emphasizes operator well-being and simplifies test setup and operation. Intuitive, centralized controls, enhanced safety features and a new, highly efficient workspace enable operators to safely and reliably perform more tests with fewer damaged or misaligned specimens.

• Streamlined System Procurement
The MTS Landmark platform features a broad selection of standard available options, easy system configuration, a dedicated manufacturing facility, and paperless operations to ensure that customers’ exact test requirements are met in as little time as possible.

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