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February 11, 2007

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MTS Introduces Bionix® EM Torsion Test System

Designed specifically to address orthopaedic and medical device testing needs

Eden Prairie, Minn.
– February 11, 2007 – MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC) today introduced the Bionix ElectroMechanical (EM) Torsion Test System, a precision mechanical test system designed to meet the specific needs of orthopaedic and medical device developers. The new system integrates a compact electromechanical load frame, advanced MTS digital controls and powerful TestWorks® application software to provide safe, easy and reliable testing of components and tools subject to torque loading in biomedical service environments.

The Bionix EM Torsion system accurately applies low force monotonic and multi-cycle torsion, in conjunction with an optional static axial load, to test orthopaedic bone screws and surgical tools, and medical device components such as tubing, catheters, torsion springs and lead wires. In addition to biomedical applications, this versatile system can also be used to test electronics, general materials and fasteners.

“This new system has been right-sized for orthopaedic and medical device testing applications,” said Brad Schulz, MTS Bionix design engineer. “It’s built to deliver the range of torsional loads necessary for accurately simulating bone screw insertion, head twist-off, or testing the performance and durability of torque limiting screws, needle bonds and fine lead wires.”

The Bionix EM Torsion system runs industry-leading TestWorks application software, combining easy operation with flexible test definition, superior data acquisition and powerful analysis and reporting. A suite of prepackaged torsion test methods is available to help users quickly and easily meet the requirements of established orthopaedic and medical device testing standards.

“Compared to competitive torsion test systems, the Bionix EM Torsion delivers testing capabilities more commensurate with what orthopaedic and medical device developers actually need and use,” said Steve Trout, MTS Bionix application engineer for MTS. “Running easy-to-use TestWorks software, it provides all the test functionality required to generate the meaningful, high-quality test results necessary for pursuing device approval, production and continued development.”

The tabletop Bionix EM Torsion system features high-performance components, such as a slotless AC servo motor, a digital sine drive amplifier, and a high-accuracy direct drive to ensure the precise application of torque to specimens. A large, user-friendly test space accommodates changing test needs, and an ergonomic remote handset facilitates easy specimen preparation.

An innovative axial loading system, comprised of an enclosed weight hanger system and located away from the test space, ensures safe application of loads and makes it easy to switch from tension to compression without disturbing test setups. Optional TEDS-enabled load cells and high-accuracy displacement measurement encoders provide accurate monitoring, data acquisition and readout of static axial loads and displacements.

“The MTS Bionix family of solutions is designed to meet a full spectrum of mechanical testing and simulation needs, easily and affordably,” said Luther Johnson, MTS Bionix product manager. “The introduction of the new EM Torsion system extends the scope of Bionix line and reinforces MTS’ status as the world’s leading supplier of orthopaedic and medical device testing solutions.”

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